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Brazilian Music

Hi! I am a Brazilian-born singer and guitarist.
I play the amazing Brazilian popular repertoire, Bossa Nova, samba and many other rhythms from my country.

Brazilian music is known and loved all over the
world and I'm thrilled to realize that you got
interested in my work.

That means a lot!
You can help me to continue this work, bringing music, hope and joy through the verses and the melodies of the Brazilian composers! 

You can leave your contribution in the guitar case or you can tip electronically on the card reader

or by PayPal on the button below.
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What about join me again?

You can find me on social media. Leave a message, tag me on Instagram, watch me on Twitch...  

To know more about me, get a booking quote, check out my schedule and so on, please visit my website:
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In exchange for your attention, interest and time,
I have a gift for you!

A video available only to whom found me
on the streets.

​Just click the tag below to watch it.
Bookings taken for bars, restaurants, wine shops,
coffee houses, corporate and private meetings,
art galleries, receptions, cocktails,
birthdays, weddings etc.

Let's talk and get a quote!

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Until next time!
Nice to meet you! 
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