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I'm so glad you are here! I'm a Brazilian-born singer and guitarist, specialized in the enchanting Brazilian popular repertoire, including Bossa Nova, samba, and many other rhythms from my country.

Brazilian music holds a special place in the hearts of people worldwide, and I'm thrilled to see your interest in my work.

That means a lot!

You can support me in continuing this musical journey, spreading joy, hope, and the beautiful melodies of Brazilian composers!

Feel free to leave your contribution in the tip basket, tip electronically using the card reader,








or use the PayPal button below.


How about joining me again? Connect with me on social media, leave a message, tag me on Instagram, or catch my live performances on Twitch.

For more details about me, booking quotes, checking out my schedule, and more, please visit my website:

As a token of appreciation for your attention, interest, and time, I have
a special gift for you! A video exclusively available to those who found me performing in person. Simply click the
tag below to watch it later.
free song 2.png
I'm available for bookings at bars, restaurants, wine shops, coffee houses, corporate and private meetings,
art galleries, receptions, cocktails, birthdays, weddings, and more!
Let's have a conversation to check my availability and get a personalized quote for your event!

Do you want to request a special Brazilian song? Click the button below and find out how.

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