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Brazil has incredible composers in all its regions. Many cities are recognized for their unforgettable composers. However, I was born in a city with little musical tradition, but one figure stood out.


In the 1960s, Luiz Henrique Rosa left Florianópolis, my hometown, for Rio de Janeiro, amidst the bossa nova movement. He carved out his space among the great names of the movement and then moved on to the United States.

He is revered by great names in Brazilian and international music such as Roberto Menescal, Marcos Valle, Vinícius de Moraes, Elza Soares, Jorge Ben Jor, Baden Powell, Hermeto Pascoal, Airto Moreira, Liza Minnelli, Oscar Brown Jr, Paul Winter, and many others.

Luiz Henrique is an inspiration to me, both for his incredible music and for his journey of leaving my city and taking Brazilian music around the world.

The song I've selected as a gift for you is named after my city, Florianópolis, a truly bossa nova, a hidden gem amidst the beautiful repertoire of Brazilian music.

To learn more about Luiz and if you'd like to watch, free of charge, a 26 minute special celebrating part of Luiz Henrique's work with my interpretations, click here.

This song was recorded in Florianópolis, in November 2023, featuring images of the Hercílio Luz Bridge and the Municipal Market.

Florianópolis (Luiz Henrique)
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