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How to request a song?
(Read carefully)

✔ Choose a song from the list at the bottom of this page. You can type part of the song's name, if you prefer

Sometimes, the list takes a moment to appear.
👉 After choosing your song, send a message on my Instagram by clicking the button below, saying which song you've picked:
👉 Oh! If you want to dedicate a song to someone, feel free to do so! I'll send your message. 

During the break, I'll look at the requests and try to fit yours at an appropriate moment during my performance, okay?
⭐️ If you want and can support my work, a contribution is always welcome! Just click on the button below:
STRIPE SECURE_edited.png
🙁 Is your song not on the list? I'm sorry, I won't be able to play it today. Perhaps in the next opportunity...

Thank you very much!
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